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I volunteered with the Ningaloo turtle program earlier this year, and I read about and spoke to many people on both sides if this issue. Any economic benefit the salt mine may bring is not worth the risk to an already fragile ecosystem that is so unique. Exmouth needs to explore options that will benefit the economy in a sustainable way, not by exploiting the beautiful and diverse natural surroundings that attract people to Exmouth as both residents and visitors.

The people of Exmouth who don\'t want this mine are those who are informed and realistic about both the natural environment and the economical point of views. Those who do want it to go ahead are those who are concerned with how much money they can make off it, and are the same people who go out in their boats or on the beach with their nets, take far more fish than they need, throw their cigarette buts in the water and run their air-conditioners 24 hours a day, and tell me proud stories about how they used to shoot turtles and then complain that Exmouth isn\'t like it used to be. This is what I have seen talking to many, many people while I stayed there.

Once damage is done, it will impossible to reverse it. Think about the future Alan, past the next election, and don't allow this project to go ahead.



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