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Agency Submissions

Government Departments say no

We are not the only ones saying “halt the salt", many Government Departments have made submissions to the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) recommending Strait’s salt mine does not proceed.

The following have been taken from recent submissions by Government Departments on the modified proposal Strait’s submitted to the EPA:

Department of Environment and Conservation:
“…DEC is of the view that the modified proposal and supplementary information have not adequately addressed our concerns in relation to the impacts and risks to ecosystem function, sea level rise, altered surface water and groundwater hydrology and risks to the subterranean fauna of Exmouth Gulf. As such, this assessment has not been able to demonstrate that the potential impacts and risks to the biodiversity conservation values of Exmouth Gulf can be managed to ensure that unacceptable environmental impacts will not result from the implementation of this proposal…proceeding with this proposal would forego the opportunity to conserve a nationally significant, extensive and intact coastal ecosystem with significant potential for nature-based tourism and fisheries resource protection.” (March 2008)

Office of the Minister for Planning and Infrastructure:
“The proposal does not adequately demonstrate that the impacts of coastal processes – particularly cyclonic storm surge inundation and sea level rise – on the project area have been assessed, nor does it fully explain the implications for development setbacks and the structural integrity of proposed infrastructure.” (1 May 2008)

Department of Fisheries:
“…the revisions and best efforts of the proponent have failed to address our concerns to a satisfactory level…within the context of the great significance of the Exmouth Gulf from a fisheries and ecological perspective.” (31 March 2008)

Minister for Fisheries:
“…it is my view, and that of the Department of Fisheries, that the improvements in the new proposal are not sufficient to satisfy me that the project will not have significant and long-lasting deleterious effects on the environment of the Exmouth Gulf, its ecological processes and consequently the long-standing and sustainable fishing and aquaculture activities that occur within the Gulf.” (7 April 2008)

Marine Parks and Reserves Authority:
“…the potential risks to the significant conversation and biodiversity values of the Exmouth Gulf area remains high and various potential environmental impacts remain uncertain.” (20 March 2008)

Tourism Western Australia:
“…does not allay fears that the Yannarie salt project poses a threat to the conservation value in the area and that environmental impacts are likely to be adverse to the current, and expanding, nature based tourism in this area.” (28 March 2008)

To view the Government Departments submissions, see below.

Conservation Commission; Minister for Indigenous Affairs; Mines
Conservation, Heritage and Mines (244 kb pdf in new window)

Department of Environment and Conservation
Main Part 1 (2.18 Mb pdf in new window)
Main Part 2 (1.58 Mb pdf in new window)
Supplementary (593 kb pdf in new window)

Department for Planning and Infrastructure
DPI and Department of Water (137 kb pdf in new window)
DPI, two submissions (1.63 Mb pdf in new window)

Department of Fisheries 
Main (504 kb pdf in new window)
Supplementary (361 kb pdf in new window)

Marine Parks and Reserves Authority
MPRA, 2 submissions (172 kb pdf in new window)

Tourism Western Australia
Tourism, 2 submissions (281 kb pdf in new window)

Department of Water, Pilbara Region
Water, 2 submissions (385 kb pdf in new window)

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