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What is the Straits Salt Project?


The proposed 411 square kilometers of solar ponds and rock wall, as per Straits' original proposal, would extensively alter the natural “flood-out” drainage pattern and artificially redirect the flow of sediment and nutrients.

The barrier could effectively starve the Gulf ecosystem of its vital natural resources.

On its website, the company describes this response as a "modified proposal", but in fact it is simply a re-statement of the first stage of its project.

From the outset, in its Environmental Review Management Plan (ERMP), Straits stated that it was "planning to develop a 10 million tonne per annum (Mtpa)" operation "with start-up capacity of 2.5 to 3 Mtpa".

The ERMP remains the base documentation that the EPA is evaluating. Straits' intention to ramp up the project to 10Mtpa was also re-stated by the company at a stakeholder reference group meeting held in June 2007.

Straits Resources claims the project will have nett economic benefits for the region, but has generally failed to make firm commitments.

The Environmental Review and Management Programme can be accessed on Straits Yannarie Solar website, http://www.yannariesolar.com.au/default.asp?V_SITE_ID=3, here or via our links facility



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