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Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Straits Salt has a chop at HtS On-line Submissions.

This is what Straits thinks of the 1,800 (*) people who have already made submissions from this site:-

... the company's James Barrie says the project is environmentally sound and the alliance's submissions lack credibility.

"I mean, 1,800 submissions going through their website, presumably there will be 1,800 supporters of them, but on the other hand someone can sit there and click 1,800 times on an electric button on a website, so does that constitute a meaningful response? We don't think so," he said.

Halt the Salt absolutely refutes Mr Barrie.

Some facts in response to
"someone can sit there and click 1,800 times on an electric button on a website"

1. An email address can be used once only for a particular submission.
2. There are few 'bounces', less than 0.5% faulty emails, this includes some obvious typos.
3. Each email may represent more than one person at that email address, taken at face value it could be 3 times the number but a very conservative acceptance rate of 1.8x can be argued for citing partners and family.
4. 26% have added extra comments.
5. There are very few (3) examples of extreme language and most took the trouble to give somewhat extended responses.
6. The spelling in the comments is remarkably good - by this we can infer some care taken.
7. Only 6 people have un subscribed from follow up information.

The above shows a highly disciplined and conscientious band of supporters, from WA and across the globe, who would be rightly be insulted at the suggestion that they just 'click an electric button on a Website'.

If you're as insulted as we are, please go to the submission and express your feeling by adding to the ever growing stack of protests about Straits' outrageous proposal, and let your address book loose to the people you know who would also be outraged! Of course if you have already submitted then you cannot resubmit at this stage - see 1 above!

(*) Now at 2,550 and growing.


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