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24 december 2006

EPA consultation period badly inadequate! The EPA has allowed this key ERMP to be released by Straits over the Christmas New Year period. We asked that to compensate for the difficulties this will cause for public submissions that the consultation period be extended by a minimum of four weeks. The EPA only gave two. This is grossly inadequate and acts to badly detract from the democratic process.

Worse, the EPA has allowed Straits to delay putting out key materials about flora and vegation, subterannean fauna, and sub tidal benthic communities, to an unspecified date in the first half of 2007. A further four week consultation period will then be allowed.

Splitting the ERMP consultation process and thus allowing for release of the main document over the holiday period is of critical concern. The Campaign has written to the EPA and the Minister for the Environment in very strong terms in this matter. Quite simply THIS IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH.


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