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Submission of the month - March

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As .... I have to assess many applications with the majority of them being of an industrial nature.

To allow a development like this to go ahead would be an extremely detrimental move on the Government's behalf,

In terms of protecting the environmental values of this pristine portion of coastline. The impacts on the local environment and state environment would be quite significant.

With sustainability strategy aimed at reducing the impacts which human life have on our environment one would think that a development of this scale would not be supported.

Proposals like this pose a massive threat to biodiversity and ecological values which are becoming closer and closer to extinction.

Along with the threat to loss of biodiversity and complex ecosystems with a proposal to extract vast amounts of soil that close to the coast there is a real threat of potentially uncovering Acid Sulphate Soils which once uncovered cause havoc on soil structure and the surrounding environment.

I have seen the adverse envronmental impacts which heavy industry has had on the marine environments through years of pollution from industry.

Do we really need to destroy another fragile marine ecosystem and lose another part of Australia's pristine coastline to industry?


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